Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trick for Facebook account Hacking revealed

Hi guys, I know you will be very keen to know, how to hack someone’s facebook account, The probability of this trick to work is very high, I myself have applied it on many of my facebook friends and it worked every time for me. In fact by disclosing this trick I am myself increasing the probability of getting my facebook account hacked, hope you will not try it on me.
Before disclosing this trick I should tell you that its not 100% sure that you will hack someone’s facebook password but its totally depend on you how you use it and the probability is very high that you will be succeeded.
Have you ever taught that a security question that helps you to retrieve your forgotten password can be wisely used by a hacker to crack into your account. In the case of facebook account hacking this is a big flaw that can easily get your account hacked. By using this method I will give you step by step details how you can hack someone’s facebook account.

Before starting I would regret my friend Shubham Saxena for making him the victim for this Facebook account hacking tutorial.
First and the foremost thing you should know before hacking someone’s facebook account is his/her email ID which is associated with his facebook account. If you dent know his/her facebook email ID don’t worry you can easily find it in his/her account. You can find the email ID into the persons profile > info and it would be somewhere at the bottom of the page.

Go to the Facebook login page type the persons ID into the column and a random password. The password could be anything any character from your keyboard and then click on login button. You will be redirected to some other page.
On this page you will ask to re-enter the password and if you will look closely to the page there is a link saying "Forgot your password? Request a new one". you have to click to  this link. And a new page appears.

This page is for Identifying your account. Just enter the email of your friend whose facebook password you want to hack and click on search button at bottom.

After doing the above steps you will reach this page in which you have to just verify that’s its you (in fact the person whom you want to hack the facebook account).

Now you are directed to a page where you are asked to reset a password. Facebook ask you to send the password to the email id linked to this account but you still do not know the password of the person. So you will see a link below the email ID associated with the account saying "No longer have access to these?". You have to click on to this link.

STEP 6.5
After doing all above you are on to a page where you have to give your email ID on which you want to receive a mail regarding password change !
Now here comes the tricky part of the hacking. You are asked to answer the security questions. You need to get the answer somehow from your friend and you are all done with the hacking I am pity sure that you can easily get the answer as people are not aware of this that answering a simple thing can get them into trouble.

After correctly answering the security question facebook congratulate you for this hacking and says that a link has been send to your email ID .
Login to your email account and you will see a facebook email somewhat like below.
Dear Shubham,
Thanks for submitting the answer to your security question to access your account on Facebook.
Please click on the following link to change your password:
If this was not you, please disregard this email. If you have any questions about the password reset process, please visit our Help Center.
The Facebook Team

Click on the link
Reset the password and proceed

Just wait for 24 hours before you have complete access to the friends hacked facebook account.

Hope you like this Facebook account hacking trick if this doesn’t word don’t worry I have one other trick for you check out the below link

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