Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trick for Facebook account Hacking revealed

Hi guys, I know you will be very keen to know, how to hack someone’s facebook account, The probability of this trick to work is very high, I myself have applied it on many of my facebook friends and it worked every time for me. In fact by disclosing this trick I am myself increasing the probability of getting my facebook account hacked, hope you will not try it on me.
Before disclosing this trick I should tell you that its not 100% sure that you will hack someone’s facebook password but its totally depend on you how you use it and the probability is very high that you will be succeeded.
Have you ever taught that a security question that helps you to retrieve your forgotten password can be wisely used by a hacker to crack into your account. In the case of facebook account hacking this is a big flaw that can easily get your account hacked. By using this method I will give you step by step details how you can hack someone’s facebook account.